MotorMission is currently taking a break from the rigours of the motor trade and will be back sometime soon! We will still respond to emails but are not currently buying or selling any cars. We will be back in the future, just enjoying life for a little while!


Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Should you have any other queries or concerns that we have not covered, then do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.

Q: How can MotorMission source cars cheaper than most other dealers and at less than retail prices?
A: It does seem too good to be true, however, we are able to achieve this because our business is more efficient. By providing the same service as other dealers but without the expensive overheads, our prices are lower. Many dealers are prepared to hold onto stock for months until their high asking prices are received. MotorMission only retain occasional part exchanged vehicles in stock and these are priced to sell and are usually sold within a month. Car finding to order constitutes 90% of our business.

Q: How do you make a profit if you don’t charge a fee?
A: Our used cars are bought through the trade and sold to clients at the agreed current retail value. We make a profit the same way any traditional dealer would, except we have less overheads so can pass on savings.

Q: Why is it necessary to pay a 10% deposit and how do we know we can trust you with our money?
A: We request a deposit as part of the commitment we require to determine our clients are both ready and in a position to purchase their car. Once we receive a clients order, we are then working on their behalf to supply the desired vehicle and incurring costs. We lay out our own capital which is not recouped until the time of delivery, or within 10 days for re-locating clients. We pride ourselves on being able to compete on price and quality with the biggest players. We are committed to maintaining high standards of integrity and ensuring we keep our good name is of paramount importance to us.

Q: What happens if you deliver a vehicle to us and we are just not satisfied with the condition – will there be a full refund?
A: We strive to ensure this will never happen and we have never had a vehicle rejected on delivery. All of the cars we purchase on behalf of customers are thoroughly checked. However, if in the unlikely event there was a problem, we would firstly seek to rectify it at our own expense otherwise, we would provide a full refund (as stated in our Terms and Conditions).

Q: How could we possibly buy a car without seeing it first?
A: It is a different concept to what we are used to in the UK. However, provided you have a good idea about the type of car you desire then, saving time and money is a very good reason for buying a vehicle ‘blind’. We have found customers appreciate our advice and support through the daunting process of buying a used car. Many have had unhappy experiences of private sales or think they paid too much through a dealer.

Q: I’m not sure which car is best for me can you give any advice?
A: We are happy to give our view on which cars are within your budget and meet your needs, ultimately the end decision is yours but if you need help just ask.

Q: I hear more and more about electric and hybrid cars and ways of off setting my carbon footprint. Where can I found out more?
A: For those interested in electric cars advice car be found at This is run by Electric Vehicles UK and provides the latest news on electric cars either on sale in the UK or about to be launched. There are a number of websites which help you calculate your carbon emissions. These provide suggestions for schemes that can help you offset your impact. Visit and for more advice and information.

If you have a question then we are easy to contact and are happy to help.

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