MotorMission is currently taking a break from the rigours of the motor trade and will be back sometime soon! We will still respond to emails but are not currently buying or selling any cars. We will be back in the future, just enjoying life for a little while!


For a fixed fee we take the clients exact new car requirements
and use our trade contacts to get the very best deal. We negotiate
the deal and, once we are happy it is the best deal for our client,
we put them in touch with the dealer.

The client then deals direct with the dealer and pays them. Beware of any new car broker who takes money to pay the dealer, this could mean they are paying less than you think. With MotorMission you pay a fee and then deal direct with the provider of your car.

By using trade knowledge and contacts we are confident we can save well in excess of our fee (£235 incl VAT).

Interested or have any questions? Why not contact us?


It is usually possible for us to arrange for the supplying dealer to take your car in part-exchange. You will need to provide full details of your car and we will get a price for you. Any part-exchange price will be subject to a physical appraisal at a later date and so it is essential you are accurate with the information you provide.

Whilst happy to arrange part-exchange our advice is always that you are more likely to get a better price selling your car privately. We are more than happy to provide our clients with any advice they may seek.

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